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This is the place where we’ll discuss theater design and gracious entertaining, including trade secrets for party plans, decorating, room setup, centerpieces, invitations, theme ideas, food & beverage service, catering, and everything in between!

Quotes and Jokes for Techies of the Theatre

Every theatre technician knows the frustration that comes with their craft. Use these quotes and jokes to relieve some tension as the stress of art making takes over. Signs You’ve Been in the Theatre Too Much: 1. Your weekend consists of Monday, and only Monday. 2. “Q” is not just …

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Kids Movie theater party

Learn how to host a kid’s movie theater party. This type of birthday party is inexpensive, easy and extremely cool! Simple plans for this party are included. Are you looking for a great kid’s theme party, that will be memorable but not cost a lot of money? Consider having a …

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Home Theater Speakers Setup

Consider the basics of setting up surround sound in a home theater. An enclosed room with speakers placed in positions determined by the total number of speakers. Surround Sound Is In The Speaker Setup There are a few important elements in setting up your home theater with surround sound in …

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