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The Elements Of A Home Theater

Curtains, carpeting, a wide screen projection television, surround sound and bolted theater seats will make the movie theater recreation complete for your home theater. Projectionist, Please Start The Movie You can have a great home theater with all the main ingredients that will make your home theater resemble the local …

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How to Produce a Show – Staffing and Budgeting

The next chapter in producing your first play or musical You’ve chosen a show, and are in the process of budgeting for it accordingly. Next, you have to find the team of people who will bring the play or musical to life. It would be easy to offer these key …

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Method Acting in Theater and Film

Good acting often implies endowing a role with emotional truth. Method acting is all about stimulating that truth. Stanislavski, the renowned early 20th century Russian acting theorist and theater director, aimed to dismantle the highly stylized “acting” of his day. In his legendary Moscow Art Theater, he spent a lifetime …

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