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Home Theater Speakers Setup

Consider the basics of setting up surround sound in a home theater. An enclosed room with speakers placed in positions determined by the total number of speakers.

Surround Sound Is In The Speaker Setup

There are a few important elements in setting up your home theater with surround sound in a soundproof room. The strategic placement of the home theater speakers is necessary to create the surround sound. Without the surround sound, as channeled through the home theater receiver to the home theater speakers, you might as well be watching and hearing the typical visual and sound experience of a television in your living room. Surround sound is effective in a soundproof room.

How Many Home Theater Speakers?


You can buy home theater speaker systems with enough speakers for your budget and plan. There are configurations to match the number of speakers that you will be installing. Each home theater speaker system will have manufacturer’s instructions on the set up and use.

Placement Of The Speaker Systems

The home theater speakers are set up around the audience. There are home theater speakers set before, behind and spaced apart or centered, beside and behind the audience. This placement of speakers around the audience will create the surround sound effect.

There can be two or more speakers placed in each of these positions around the audience. The right or left speakers will amplify sounds that happen when a movie action occurs on that side of the screen. Another example of the surround sound experience is the illusion of movement that is activated by background sounds moving from front to back speakers.

The Surround Sound Is Fixed

One of the speakers in front of the audience is placed either below or above the screen. This home theater speaker at the central screen position amplifies all the movies sounds. The surround sound is held together for the audience by this speaker at the screen position. The human ears point forward and sideways instead of backwards so this works.

Soundproof Room

The home theater speakers can be built into the wall of a soundproof room. The soundproof room must be enclosed so that the least amount of outside noise enters the room. Choose a door that fits the doorway closely. Try to avoid windows because the thin glass plates allow noise into the room. The room should large enough to ensure that there is enough space between the audience and the projection television-viewing screen and speakers for the best effect. Carpeting on the floor and curtains on the wall will prevent an echo effect in the room.

To set up home theater speakers, you will just place the home theater speakers in positions around your audience according to whether they carry background noises, action and voice sounds or all sounds contained in the movie.

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