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Kids Movie theater party

Learn how to host a kid’s movie theater party. This type of birthday party is inexpensive, easy and extremely cool! Simple plans for this party are included.

Are you looking for a great kid’s theme party, that will be memorable but not cost a lot of money? Consider having a movie theater party. With just a little preparation and a fair amount of creativity, you will become the parent to emulate with this movie theater birthday party. Follow the ideas below for a “picture perfect” event!

Create a movie ticket invitation.

This should look like an old-fashioned ticket. You can use the computer or cut 2 half circles out of the short ends of a rectangular piece of construction paper. Include details about the time, location and duration of the party.

Create a banner to hang on the front door that says, “John’s Movie House” or something similar. You can use a navy blue or black bed sheet with 4″ or larger adhesive letters.

Employ a couple of middle schoolers to be your ushers

Outfit them in black slacks, white dress shirts and red bowties. The guests should wait outside of the front door at the

designated time. When everyone has arrived, the ushers can let them in, ripping their tickets in half like a real usher, and handing each guest a roll of play money

Set up a concession stand

It should have the following snacks: snack-sized ziploc bags filled with penny candy and traditional movie theater candy, individual bags of popcorn, and soft drinks pre-poured in lidded cups. Label each treat with a price (keep it simple with whole dollar amounts), and let the kids purchase their own movie snacks. Let the kids know that they can get drink refills as needed, and it may be a good idea to not charge for the pop either —- kids will gravitate towards the candy, and will actually conserve their cash from “real” foods to shift the play money for the candy.

If you don’t want the kids to overdose on candy, it may also be a good idea to offer hotdogs and/or pizza for free. Ditto for water!

Use plastic shoe boxes for snack trays, to avoid a mess in the “theater.”

You can buy these at any discount store for about $1, and they will help the partygoers corral their food items, and make eating at their seat a lot neater. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure towards your post-party clean up!

Check back here later this week for the second part of this article, where I will discuss the room set-up and decorations for the party.


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