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Theater Hall Review- Theater in Glasgow

Whether it is Live Art mayhem, grass-roots burlesque clubs, obscure European contemporary dance or more traditional scripted drama, Glasgow has a year long festival of performance. Edinburgh might have the International Festival, but Glasgow is the home of innumerable artists at every level of public recognition. From the Arches to …

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Gilbert and Sullivan HMS Pinafore Opera Review

I have never been to see an opera before, HMS Pinafore by Opera Della Luna was my first. I found HMS Pinafore to be an OK opera, but not great. It wasnt so terrible I wanted to scratch out my eyes and plug up my ears with them, but it …

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Wild Rose Peter Pan On Ice Show Review

We saw the Wild Rose adaptation of Peter Pan On Ice at the Embassy Theater Skegness in 2007. I hummed and arrghd whether to go and see Peter Pan On Ice, I have three boys and at the time they were 15, 13 and 10 years old, so I was …

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