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The Elements Of A Home Theater

Curtains, carpeting, a wide screen projection television, surround sound and bolted theater seats will make the movie theater recreation complete for your home theater.

Projectionist, Please Start The Movie

You can have a great home theater with all the main ingredients that will make your home theater resemble the local movie theater, only customized to suit you. All you need are the right home theater devices, home theater furniture, home theater architecture, home theater interior design.

Home Theater Devices

To recreate a surround-sound experience in your home, you will need built in home theater speakers, a home theater receiver and a projection television that is at least 27 inches wide. The built in home theater speakers receive different sound signals from the receiver. These sound channels represent different portions of the sounds in the movie and one speaker amplifies all sounds in the movie. The audience has home theater speakers set up around their position.

The home theater receiver receives input from a VCR, DVD player or satellite dish. The home theater receiver broadcasts the input through output devices, which are the home theater speakers and the wide-screen television.

Home Theater Furniture

Instead of the homey couch look, you can achieve a more authentic look with home theater furniture. You can purchase the bolted theater seats that let your audience sink into their individual comfortable chairs close to one another. Authentic home theater furniture enhances the movie theater atmosphere in your home theater.

Home Theater Architecture

To create a soundproof room without too much light, you will need a rectangular room that is enclosed. The room has to be roomy to allow your audience to move around and for enough space for optimization of the projection television broadcast. Design the rest of the home theater based on the placement of the television and your audience.

Home Theater Interior Design

The elements of home theater interior design rely on elements that will enhance the surround-sound experience. For instance, put curtains on the wall to prevent an echo. A carpeted floor will have the same effect. Have a concession stand nearby for great effect and use. You can choose home theater dimmer lighting for just the right effect.

You can create a movie theater atmosphere in your home with home theater equipment, furniture, architecture and interior design. You can customize your home theater however, you like, as long as you include these basic elements of home theater set up and design. If you want to keep things simple, start with a home theater receiver, home theater speakers and a wide screen television. Once you experience that and you have the right budget, you may want to move onto your own enclosed home theater that resembles a public movie theater.

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